A few more tips for good content

A good checklist for prepping content for posting can be found here. Some of these points may seem obvious, but you’d be surprised how often someone forgets one or more of them!


Teens and Social Media (UPDATED)

I’m sure we’ve all heard rumors about what teens do and don’t do on social media. Here’s one teenager’s take on what social media is like for “millenials,” or at least college students under the age of 20. Be sure to take a look at the comments/annotations, to see who agrees with his take, and why. Does this fit with your impression? Are his reactions specific to teens, or are they more general?

A Teenager’s View on Social Media

Update: Here’s a response addressing the demographic limitations of this original take:

An Old Fogey’s View a Teenager’s View on Social Media

The Most Important Social Media Tool Yet… Who Are These “Influencers” Anyway?

Ok guys, this is the most important thing I’ve stumbled upon in the class yet. And I’ve stumbled upon a ton of great stuff. Node XL has to be the holy grail of online marketing tools. We always talk about the “influencer” class. But rarely is there a definition placed behind this, or a tool provided to uncover these magical fairies of the internet woodland.

Well, enter Node XL. Node XL can map the various internet fiefdoms, showing you who holds the high ground and what peasants occupy the lowlands of the kingdom and pay tribute. Granted, it only works for limited social networks, and this alone is going to give you a slanted view of what the world thinks.

But, as we all become socially enabled, this is going to be the new way for understanding what a piece of internet real estate is really worth (and yes, internet real estate is worth as much, if not more than your house these days – most of us just missed the memo that there was a whole new continent forming in cyberspace – but not to be forlorn, you can still homestead for awhile longer).

Here’s my first attempt at a map:

Node XL First Try

Here’s what the pros can do:


Twitter: @joeyhinson

Networking Night at Bella Vista

Some of you in class helped to publicize Bella Vista and their fun events. Here’s your official invitation to join in their Networking Night, starting next Tuesday:


As a mover and shaker in your respective industry, it is our honor to personally invite you to attend our inaugural Networking Night at Bella Vista Social Club & Caffé.  Our kick off event is this coming Tuesday, March 4th 5:30-7:30pm. 

Since its inception, Bella Vista has had the common goal to create a social setting for the scientific community here on the Mesa.  First and Third Tuesdays will be for scientists, creators, innovators, entrepreneurs, businessmen and women, private angel investors and venture capitalists.  We want to connect these great minds from all types of industries with the men and women who can put them to practice.  Together, we can achieve greatness. 

So let us create the space for you to come connect and make great things happen.  And as always, we know how to make it a good time at BV 😉

Please RSVP by Monday March 3rd to amanda @bellavistacaffe.com. We look forward to your presence and great mind.

Links of the Day

A potpourri for a potentially rainy Thursday:

It’s good to know your memes as a social media manager. You may not need to know them quite this well, but just in case you were looking for a thorough linguistic analysis of the doge meme, here you go:

A Linguist Explains the Grammar of Doge. Wow.

And it turns out that Yelp reviewers can be held legally culpable for false and defamatory reviews. That’s right, a false or exaggerated bad review on Yelp may be slander. Let’s see how and if that changes how Yelp works:

Yelper Found Guilty of Defamation for Scathing Reviews

The 6 Templates for Good Advertisements

How handy that there are so few basic structures for effective advertisements! Learning these can help you produce more creative content and more effective marketing materials. I have attached the original article, so you can see the evidence for yourself, as well as a blog post that summarizes them for you and provides some new examples. I apologize in advance if you start to categorize all the ads you encounter according to their template.

The Fundamental Templates of Quality Ads

Ad Templates

P.S. A timely article in the New York Times re-emphasizes that creativity can be taught.


SEO Spam (Don’t Do It!) – Updated

In case you were interested in learning more about what not to do regarding SEO and trying to game the Google system, here are some articles about recents trends and events that might shed more light on best and worst practices.

The Golden Age of Spam Comments Has Ended

Google Downgrades Rap Genius Links from Lyrics Searches

The New SEO Rules in a Content Marketing World

And of course, Google has a number of documents explaining how to do it yourself and how to hire someone to do it. Here’s their one-page SEO Guide, for a brief overview, too.

Updated: Expedia too!