Welcome to Social Media Marketing for Spring 2015

Welcome! Just to repeat an earlier post, this is the official blog for MGT 489: Topics in Marketing: Social Media Marketing for Spring Quarter 2015. We’ll be using this blog to share content we think is relevant to the class: we can talk more in depth about topics we find especially interesting or we don’t discuss much in class, we can post outside articles and other things we think shed light on class material, and we can comment on the material shared by others in and outside of class.

This blog should be a learning experience, both in terms of additional articles and ideas and in terms of stretching your mental muscles regarding social media marketing. Feel free to post any links, videos, songs, ads, etc., and any comments, thoughts, reactions, etc., that you think will be helpful to the others in class. You can see examples of this sort of content from past sections, as well as learn from what they have shared. This will also be the place to go to get easy links to readings, assignment instructions, and lecture slides.

Above all, remember the class motto: quality over quantity. And have fun!

I’m really looking forward to working with you all this quarter!


The latest hashtag backfire

…belongs to Starbucks, it seems. For as popular a company as they are, they have taken their fair share of knocks online. Is there a way they could salvage the #racetogether campaign, or have done it differently from the start, to avoid this backlash?

Starbucks Initiative on Race Relations Draws Ire Online

confused to use wordpress.com

I tired to put some blogs into  “MGT 489 socialmediamarketing.” a long time ago.  As a user on medium and tumblr, I feel so confused to use wordpress.com.

On other hand, I think for users who are used to wordpress.com, would it be too much to use medium and tumblr?

How hard for a blogger to switch from one platform to another platform if there is no strong social links?

Marketers’ Social Media Tastes Are Changing?

A new report on Forbes says that marketers’ social media tastes are changing:


It sounds like their tastes might be evolving, getting a little more sophisticated. Instead of simply wanting a LARGE audience, marketers prefer a high quality audience. Instead of being into location-based check-ins like Foursquare (we pretty much know this one is no longer on the radar!), it seems like visual content that is original and engaging is becoming more valuable. Also, LinkedIn is becoming popular as a place to share content, whereas it was previously mainly known for being a place to post your professional background and try to make connections for work purposes.

RSS is old school, man!


Aside from feeling old, I didn’t realize that RSS feeds are considered old school! I guess that’s another challenge of SM marketing – you have to stay abreast of new platforms and the folks that jump on them. I recalled a “woo-woo” commercial: