The Most Important Social Media Tool Yet… Who Are These “Influencers” Anyway?

Ok guys, this is the most important thing I’ve stumbled upon in the class yet. And I’ve stumbled upon a ton of great stuff. Node XL has to be the holy grail of online marketing tools. We always talk about the “influencer” class. But rarely is there a definition placed behind this, or a tool provided to uncover these magical fairies of the internet woodland.

Well, enter Node XL. Node XL can map the various internet fiefdoms, showing you who holds the high ground and what peasants occupy the lowlands of the kingdom and pay tribute. Granted, it only works for limited social networks, and this alone is going to give you a slanted view of what the world thinks.

But, as we all become socially enabled, this is going to be the new way for understanding what a piece of internet real estate is really worth (and yes, internet real estate is worth as much, if not more than your house these days – most of us just missed the memo that there was a whole new continent forming in cyberspace – but not to be forlorn, you can still homestead for awhile longer).

Here’s my first attempt at a map:

Node XL First Try

Here’s what the pros can do:


Twitter: @joeyhinson

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