IKEA: Social Media Strategy

As an example of good social media, IKEA seems to have well-structured 5 Vs. Here is a good summary of their strategies:



11 effective ways to use social media to promote your content

Here are some tips on how to promote your social media content. Link is below.

Brief summary:

  1. Embrace the visual
  2. Headlines Matter
  3. Customize the platform
  4. Share at the right time
  5. Don’t be afraid to post several times
  6. Ask Questions
  7. Share on the right platform
  8. Pay to play
  9. Maximize your brand advocates
  10. Leverage communities
  11. Experiment with content creator communities


More tips on how to protect yourself when using social media netowks

Mcafee is one of the leading antivirus software programs used by many today to protect their computers from viruses. They have written a blog post with tips on how to protect yourself when using social media networks.

To summarize:

  1. The internet is permanent
  2. Be selective when accepting a friend
  3. Exercise caution when clicking on a link
  4. Manage your privacy settings
  5. Be aware that what you share may be shared again
  6. Don’t reveal personal information
  7. Turn off GPS function when using phone
  8. Don’t enable auto login
  9. Change your password frequently
  10. Closed old accounts that you don’t use frequently

For more details, read the link below to the actual article.


Stay controlled on social media

Immediately after terror attack on Paris, Facebook started tricolore-filter campaign, similarly as they did rainbow-filter one for marriage equality. People share the hearts with Paris by filtering their profile pictures. The movement was so quick and viral. But I don’t do this. I don’t discourage their honest grief to the victims at all, and my heart is also with Paris. However, I need to remember the same tragedy recently occurred in Lebanon and  Pakistan, so the same degree of care should have been given. Filtering pictures made me consider I might be biased to express my sorrow from one incident to another. I don’t let Facebook control me. I control my social network. The peace for every lives is our hope.

On protecting yourself in social media networks

With everything is going digital or online, it is inevitable, but security protection is a must. Your company has to decide which social media networks are best to use and to create brand awareness. However, many companies overlook network protection. This article from PC World gives some tips on how to protect yourself while using social media.