SEO Spam (Don’t Do It!) – Updated

In case you were interested in learning more about what not to do regarding SEO and trying to game the Google system, here are some articles about recents trends and events that might shed more light on best and worst practices.

The Golden Age of Spam Comments Has Ended

Google Downgrades Rap Genius Links from Lyrics Searches

The New SEO Rules in a Content Marketing World

And of course, Google has a number of documents explaining how to do it yourself and how to hire someone to do it. Here’s their one-page SEO Guide, for a brief overview, too.

Updated: Expedia too!


One thought on “SEO Spam (Don’t Do It!) – Updated

  1. Some irony here – this article could be improving search results for The Awl, Mashable, and Rolling Stone. For the record – the Awl opened with a video which I think is terrible etiquette for a blog. If you’re searching sites for work and something like this comes up, people are always like “slacker, watching videos at work…”. Awesome articles all. I’ll definitely use this as I move through my online media career.

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