Brother Orange and Matt

This may not have a ton to do with marketing per se, but it’s a sweet and funny story about the power of social media and the importance of understanding cultural differences. Check out the story of what happened after one man’s cell phone got stolen:

I Followed My Stolen iPhone Across the World, Became a Celebrity in China, and Found a Friend for Life


That dress!

Buzzfeed had crazy amounts of traffic this last week due to a simple picture of a dress, not to mention all the other sites that received traffic talking about that picture. What is it about this particular post that made it go so very viral?

More apps on my phone… Tonight’s class was awesome.

Despite the long winded interjections by our colleague and cohort/auditor (you all know who I’m talking about), tonight’s class was outstanding. I downloaded three apps to check them out – Paper by Facebook, Vine by the Twitter team, and Snapchat to see how they worked. Snapchat is the most troublesome as I don’t really “get” how to establish a network. Can we all try to snapchat as a class to understand if it means anything at all?

Anyway, I was actually driven to try new things. And, at this stage in my online life, that’s a hard sell b/c I’m basically overwhelmed with what I already have to manage.

P.S. Paper might be worth it. I still have a love affair with Flipboard, but it might be my new favorite thing.

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They Already Have a Leg Up on Social Media…

…But even despite their inherent cat advantage, @TidyCats is doing some great work on Twitter these days. I’m especially fond of their Dr. Julius Von Pepperbottom tweets:

They’re working to make their followers feel welcome, by repurposing people’s tweeted pictures of their cats:

They even do a nice job of tying their tweets in to current events, like the Super Bowl:

And other brands’ Super Bowl ads:

What other good Twitter lessons might you learn from Tidy Cats’ Twitter presence?

Links of the Day

A potpourri for a potentially rainy Thursday:

It’s good to know your memes as a social media manager. You may not need to know them quite this well, but just in case you were looking for a thorough linguistic analysis of the doge meme, here you go:

A Linguist Explains the Grammar of Doge. Wow.

And it turns out that Yelp reviewers can be held legally culpable for false and defamatory reviews. That’s right, a false or exaggerated bad review on Yelp may be slander. Let’s see how and if that changes how Yelp works:

Yelper Found Guilty of Defamation for Scathing Reviews

Learning the Ropes

We talked this week a little bit about how much time it can take to be a social media manager. Lots, it turns out! Part of its time-consuming nature is that it has its own subtle local patois. A couple of interesting recent examples of how social media has its own peculiar customs you might need to learn:

The Farewell Fave is the Best Kind of Fave

Attorney General Subtweets Governor with ‘Eyelashes’ Joke

Any strange or surprising habits or rules you have noticed as you’ve broadened your social media experience?