Customer service via social media

GM’s recent recall issues have put their social media efforts to deal with customer complaints and prevent further damage to the brand in the spotlight:

GM Uses Social Media to Manage Customers and Its Reputation

Even if they don’t think that Facebook advertising is worth it, GM recognizes the power that social media has to deal with more intangible issues.


UPDATE: Not all troubled industries are having the same luck. It turns out JPMorgan’s social media misfortunes are shared:

Awkward Banks Struggle to Find Friends on Social Media


Final Presentation at Rady

We want to thank you guys for a great quarter.   This was the final Rady class for a lot of the Flex-Evening 2014 students.    He’s a clip of the last minute of our presentation.  Yes, there was 20 minutes of presentation before this.

4 Twitter Search Tips To Help Grow Your Business by Brian Roach

Twitter is an unbelievably powerful platform for all types of business. Most people don’t know the power of that bland little search bar at the top though. Similar to Facebook’s search bar, Twitter has a lot of powerful features that can help you unlock your company’s fullest marketing potential. Below are a few search tips that will help you figure out who your customers are and what they are talking about. Using this information you can more effectively target and cater your social media campaign towards the interests of those who share your content.

1. Search For Your Company

Search for your company on twitter to find out relevant discussions about your company and industry. To make sure you are seeing only conversations on Twitter, be sure to include -http after your company name (ex: Xfer Records -http) to filter out tweets with links. If the name of your business has more than one word, add quotation marks around your search query.

Search results without -http

Roach Without


Search results with -http

Roach With


2. Search For People Tweeting/Re-Tweeting Your Content

Search for the exact URL of your blog post/website/video link/etc. directly in the search bar to see who is posting about your content. This is particularly helpful because not everyone tweets your content and includes your twitter handle, making it difficult to find these tweets in your interactions. Tip: You can also do this on competitors URLs to see who is sharing their content – a nice way to “steal” users.

Search results with a URL as the search query

Roach URL Search


3. Search For What Your Followers Are Talking About

Again, search for a topic that your think your followers would talk about and append it with -http to filter out tweets with links. Here I search for “music production” -http. Notice I used quotes around music production to filter only tweets with that query exactly as it is shown, rather than a tweet containing one of the two words. Once the result shows up, make sure to tick on the left side People You Follow to only display tweets from your followers who are talking about music production.

Roach People You Follow


4. Search For Conversations Near You

This is particularly helpful for local businesses who want to engage with potential customers in a given area.

If you’re a nightclub owner trying to figure out who is talking about nightlife you could search for a relevant keyword like “EDM” (electronic dance music) and then click the Near You button on the left. Tip: Be sure to use the -http with your search to make sure you are only monitoring conversations in your area that are taking place on twitter.

Roach Near You


Bonus Tip: For any searches you do try selecting All if you want more results because the first results are typically the “Top” results.

Roach All

Virality versus Longevity

Virality is a great goal in social media–getting others to help spread your message is both efficient and a good sign of potential success. But it can be important to remember that virality and longevity are orthogonal, or even in opposition. Here’s some interesting observations regarding this relationship:

Why the Most Popular Viral Hits Spread Slowly

How Adoption Speed Affects the Abandonment of Cultural Tastes (paywalled off campus)


Thinking Big Picture

Now that we’ve thought about a social media campaign from start to finish, we can think about polishing that process. Here are a few articles with some good advice for how to make the most of your social media efforts.

Suppose you were to hire a consultant to help with your social media. Here are 7 Things Your Social Media Consultant Should Tell You

Suppose you really care about creating a specific brand image on social media. Here’s How Products Participate In Social Media

Suppose you’re interested in learning more about how this test/retest thing works, and want to know about some prominent examples. Here’s How Facebook Gets You to Test New Stuff in Its Mobile App

Suppose you’re more a glass half empty kind of person, and you think more of the mistakes you can make rather than the successes you strive for. Here’s How CMOs Can Avoid The Common Social Media Mistakes

Suppose you just really care what Velveeta is doing with social media. You’re in luck: here’s Velveeta’s Online Presences, In Order