Networking Night at Bella Vista

Some of you in class helped to publicize Bella Vista and their fun events. Here’s your official invitation to join in their Networking Night, starting next Tuesday:


As a mover and shaker in your respective industry, it is our honor to personally invite you to attend our inaugural Networking Night at Bella Vista Social Club & Caffé.  Our kick off event is this coming Tuesday, March 4th 5:30-7:30pm. 

Since its inception, Bella Vista has had the common goal to create a social setting for the scientific community here on the Mesa.  First and Third Tuesdays will be for scientists, creators, innovators, entrepreneurs, businessmen and women, private angel investors and venture capitalists.  We want to connect these great minds from all types of industries with the men and women who can put them to practice.  Together, we can achieve greatness. 

So let us create the space for you to come connect and make great things happen.  And as always, we know how to make it a good time at BV 😉

Please RSVP by Monday March 3rd to amanda We look forward to your presence and great mind.


More apps on my phone… Tonight’s class was awesome.

Despite the long winded interjections by our colleague and cohort/auditor (you all know who I’m talking about), tonight’s class was outstanding. I downloaded three apps to check them out – Paper by Facebook, Vine by the Twitter team, and Snapchat to see how they worked. Snapchat is the most troublesome as I don’t really “get” how to establish a network. Can we all try to snapchat as a class to understand if it means anything at all?

Anyway, I was actually driven to try new things. And, at this stage in my online life, that’s a hard sell b/c I’m basically overwhelmed with what I already have to manage.

P.S. Paper might be worth it. I still have a love affair with Flipboard, but it might be my new favorite thing.

…posted from my mobile – I am not responsible for bad grammar, typos or anything else unless you opt in.