A BRAVE Approach: Building a Community by Effective Two-way Communications

Professor William covered the context of how to build communities in social media. Here is an additional approach for serving the same purpose. Are you incorporating these techniques yet?



2 thoughts on “A BRAVE Approach: Building a Community by Effective Two-way Communications

  1. I drew parallels between lecture notes by the Professor and the Forbes article. It seems a prevalent theme in ‘building communities’ from a social media marketing standpoint incorporates a strong emphasis on building trust in your company, its brand, and its products. This ‘trust’ with the community is then established through positive relationships with customers which ties a bit into the Approach, Relationships, and Behaviors sections of the article. I like the articles 40/40/20 social media engagement strategy rule which emphasizes 40% social relationship/community relationship building, 40% contextual (for example, if I’m an energy company, I would post messages about ways to save energy, or about new energy technologies on the horizon) and 20% to be about actual brand and products. This makes sense, because if a company is on social media with the pure goal of advertisement, disregarding the environment necessary to promote an active community, this company will not likely have a successful social media strategy, and may even stir resentment in its customer base (from the perception of being ignored, and/or ‘used’.)

  2. Thank you nicksmba for your in-depth thoughts put into your comment! I certainly concur with your point that building communities effectively on social media requires establishing trust by guiding and encouraging others. As Professor Williams mentioned in the lecture, community building on social media is very similar to how we do in our real lives. I also think we need a bit more careful attention and choose appropriate words and timing on social media because, on social media, we do not get to see other people and their reaction like how we can during in-person communication, ending up being a one-way communication.
    I believe this is the article,http://www.strategicmarketingguy.com/the-404020-rule-of-marketing/, and I like it as well (thank you for sharing by the way!). The bottom line should be the same here as well that it is critical that we need to carry clear and proper communications to really build and good relationships with customers and readers.

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