MySMN Internship: Final

As the quarter winds to an end, as does my official Independent Study Internship. Luckily, the cards were in my favor and my stay at MySMN has been extended through the summer! However, as for these past 11 weeks, I have learned a lot from my supervisors and their different positions. The work environment was a blast and my desk was a ping-pong table that I frequently got kicked off of so the office could relieve some stress with a quick game.

MySMN has shown me the perks of having a close-knit and well directed team along with how to work professionally and efficiently. There have been several things that I have picked up throughout my stay that I’d like to share. When working to help client’s improve their social media marketing strategies, you need to know:

1. Outsource content you don’t want to write yourself

There are tons of things that you can be doing to upgrade someone’s marketing plans, and writing up a Facebook for every single one of your clients probably will become pretty time consuming. Outsource daily Facebook, twitter, or Pintrest posts that are time consuming to craft to an outside source. This will save you some time to work on the bigger projects that are going on.

2. Have standard forms and templates for all clients

Be sure to stay organized with your company. Creating strategies for each client must be unique to them, but create a standard formatting technique that you can be a starting point with every client. This will keep your company organized and make processes so much easier.

3. Be creative

This is something you can’t learn, but loving your job and having fun with it will really allow for some creative juices to start flowing. Work together as a team to create the best work possible for your clients. Thinking outside the box will keep your company new and innovative, which will really start to make a difference.

This internship that I’ve had with MySMN has been the absolute best learning experience. I have enjoyed every moment of it and am excited to keep on going with this opportunity. Creating some lasting connections in the professional world has helped me already and I can only imagine it continuing to pay off. Beginning some real life, career-oriented work has shown me where my passion lies and that perhaps this time next year, graduation won’t be so daunting.



MySMN Internship: Social Media Marketing Trends

Social media is a universal trend that has swept our generation. Companies and entrepreneurs have jumped on this opportunity to expand their own businesses or even create businesses for social media marketing. This new form of communication is ever-changing and adapting to become more and more user-friendly. With that, marketers need to not only keep up with these changes, but better yet, stay one step ahead of the newest online fads. There are so many different avenues for marketers to stay up to date with the most current social media news such as Social Media Examiner or Mashable (who will be celebrating their fifth-annual Social Media Day on June 30th. Meet up in your local area: I have done some of my own research through the projects MySMN’s team has been working on and through other blogs, so here are a few tips on what will be the most up and coming in social media!

1. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. You will gain a much larger audience if you spread out your manpower on different social media platforms. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc will have so much more to offer you if you use them all. Of course, remember what type of business you are and what type of audience you hope to attract so use the platforms that best suit you. Entrepreneur

2. Google+ is a thing! Maybe I only use Google+ for the “Hangouts,” but for those of you trying to amplify your company, use it for SEO! Businesses need to keep an eye out for Google+ because everything will tie back into the SEO industry through Google’s own algorithm. It makes sense that the largest search engine company would create a social media platform that best helps Search Engine Optimization; the puzzle fits so start utilizing the obvious answers. Google+ accesses Google Authorship, which helps the search engine recognize the content of your blogs and websites (something Facebook and Twitter will not do). Entrepreneur

3. Visual content is captivating. Now, this one makes sense. At MySMN, we focus a lot on visuals and having well-planned graphics. Pictures are visually stimulating for viewers and provides information quickly. Infographics are great with social media marketers because they pass on information in the most simple way! MySMN

Now take these tips and integrate them into your own marketing scheme. Don’t wait until the trend has passed because the secret to social media marketing is keeping up with social media!