LinkedIn Publishing Best Practices

…according to Maya. Here are links to some great example posts on LinkedIn’s Publishing platform, some of which you saw in class and some of which are new:

From students:

Virality = Strategy x Opportunity

#RaceTogether: 3 Reasons Behind Starbucks’ Failure

How Duke Is Changing the Way We Watch College Sports

The VW Scandal: Bad Beetles or Broken Benchmarks?

Getting Comfortable with the Future of Athleisure

Why I Love Working in a Female Dominated Workplace

An Open Letter to President Obama: How the American Dream Has Failed Me

Why We Should and Shouldn’t Take Donald Trump Seriously

From young professionals:

Why I Left Wall Street to Start a Recruitment Platform

Yes, I Do Look Like an Engineer

My Experience Creating a Diverse Community and What Most People Miss

A Millenial on How Companies Can Attract and Keep Millenials

A couple of posts on best practices:

10 Tips for Young Professionals Publishing on LinkedIn

Here’s What I Tell People When They Ask How to Crush It as a LinkedIn Writer


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