On the importance on editing web content

In our Social Media class, we have discussed the importance of editing content prior to publishing a post. This small article reinforces the reasons of why to this. Its main points are that 1) Editing reinforces credibility, 2) reduces confusion and 3) increases visitor base. I think it is important not to rush and always take a moment to edit. Everyone is a hurry and wants to meet deadlines. However, is it worth rushing and not editing and then being faced with a post that you can not erase? I think not. It makes more sense to be cautious and leave a little room for editing. For example, when I was interning at a biotech company, I was in charge or translating media from English to Spanish or revise pre-existing Spanish media. I was surprised to find out that there were many mistakes in the Spanish versions. I found that some words did not translate quite well and were offensive for other cultures. Therefore, if a customer were interest in your product and was mislead this could cause either significance losses in your customer base or credibility. Simple stated always revise your work or it can haunt you.



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