Lessons To Be Social Sales People

Let me share a list of the most influential sales people in the world and 5 lessons leaned. This is a little old article from “Forbes”.

I think the main theme of our class is how to effectively use social media in marketing as a corporation. In order for a corporation to achieve this goal, it’s also important how a marketer or sales person within a company can become socially influential as an individual. Examples of lessons are:

–“Socially surround” prospects using all the tools at your disposal

–Not all social media is created equal – choose your networks carefully

Well, these should be important. Not so surprising.


By the way, this list seems to be based on the social media influence scoring tool, “Klout”. I’m not familiar with this web-based automated analytic tool. At first sight, I thought this is innovative and very useful. But, as with often the case with such recent useful web analytic tool, we should be careful about measurement quality and its algorithm.


By the way, I know no one in this list, the most influential sales people “In The World”. I wonder, “Are they really influential? To whom?” Maybe, I just should learn more.


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