How can social media help local radio stations?

Each day while driving to school, I listen to a local Spanish radio station called Pulsar 107.3 San Diego. This radio station broadcasts to San Diego and Tijuana. This station plays music in English and Spanish. However, their commercials, radio hosts and radio talk shows are broadcasted is Spanish. I listen to a morning talk show that is led by the radio host Mario Alberto. Each day a new topic is covered that range from how to talk to your teen agers, men and women cheating on their significant other, embarrassing things that have happen to you, success stories and so forth…………… In particular I thought that it is brilliant how this radio station utilizes Social Media applications to engage their audience. For example people may call in to talk live but the host also directs their audience to their Twitter and Facebook account to leave private or public messages regarding topics covered. The listeners have different platforms to engage with the radio station. The host often reads Tweets and Facebook post and engages the audience by giving follow up questions. It not only creates brand awareness for the station. However Spanish people also find it useful because they identify and support many of the topics covered. Also, local events that are occurring in San Diego are posted as well as Hispanic events. I think this is a great way for a radio station to create more awareness for the community by using social media application. Thought I shared this.


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