Presidential: Who uses social media effectively?

It is well-known that the president Obama took advantage of social media back to 2008 election. Now, people’s eye has been caught by 2016 candidates. Who among them takes the most advantage of social media? The basic stats as of today (posted date) are here:

Hillary Clinton: 1,568,179 people like Facebook, 4.49M Twitter followers

Bernie Sanders: 1,751,860 people like Facebook, 743K Twitter followers

Jeb Bush: 285,857 people like Facebook, 342K Twitter followers

Donald J.Trump: 4,028,390 people like Facebook, 4.6M Twitter followers

Hillary Clinton has posted many smiling photos on both Facebook and Twitter while others don’t often do that. Bernie Sanders has relatively lower number of Twitter followers, but almost twice as many tweets as Hillary. Jeb Bush seems to uses social media more for negative campaign towards other candidates. Donald Trump’s tweets are often concise and no photos, and frequently replied and retweeted.

Here is also an interesting article.

Social media plays a significant role to draw Millennial voters, who are familiar with new types of social media such as Instagram. Hillary, Bernie, and Donald have Instagram accounts. Who’s gonna win?



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