The true power of social media

This is quite a funny story so I decided to share it with everyone.

I was in New Orleans last week and stayed at the Hyatt there. Being a great brand name, the hotel offered everything (and more) that I needed. Location was amazing, great restaurants, pool… Except of the service! At check in I was told that due to my Hyatt Gold Passport status I would get free water in the room every day, free internet and other perks. Well, that never happened. Not only i never got the water, i also did not get new shampoo when i ran out and the last day they didn’t come to clean the room at all! I ordered room service one night, which was to be delivered in 20-30min, just to find out 45min later that they forgot to place my order! and trust me, i did call the front desk and the room service people multiple times. It was like talking to the wall. And then I left them a nasty, but honest, TripAdvisor review and I made comments on their Facebook. It took them less than 2hrs to email me, then call me, offer all sorts of apologies and add bonus points to my membership account. The charge for room service was removed from the bill too.

I found it funny how they were more responsive to social media than to live complains. I guess me complaining on the phone was only heard by me and the person on the other side (who apparently did not care about anything i was saying). But once it was in written and posted online for other to see – that written word had a much greater impact.

So keep expressing your opinions on social media. Somebody out there is listening…


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