Facebook’s Next Big Purchase?

On Fusion, Felix Salmon argues that Facebook should buy Twitter, just like it did Instagram a couple of years ago. It’s an interesting idea to think about. One might wonder, for instance, whether there might be “monopoly” sorts of issues–our categorization of the networks suggests that they serve very different functions, but is that true in a more general sense? The article also shows the pitfalls of not putting the user’s experience first. We talk about that in terms of companies and brands making sure to add to the user’s enjoyment rather than detract, but there’s also a nice analogy to be made to the negative influence of putting the shareholders’ wants and needs above the customers’.

What do you think of Salmon’s proposal?


One thought on “Facebook’s Next Big Purchase?

  1. investment wise it would be an expensive proposition, faceook would have to pay a premium, probably a lot more than they paid for whatsapp, social networking platform are under constant pressure of reinventing itself as over the time, it becomes monotonous and people’s contribution started going down, So bringing these platforms together can create a synergy in terms of user base and help both the platforms. It is not a bad idea, except the question is how long it would take facebook to get the invested money.

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