Why Spending $150K On An MBA Is Probably A Dumb Idea

An article written by Erika Anderson has this insight:

Whether or not people have MBA degree doesn’t seem to have much to do with whether or not they’ll be able to create happy, successful lives for themselves. Having an MBA really just means that you paid your money, and you went to class and studied sufficiently to pass enough of your courses to graduate. Being a world-class learner is much  more important to your success in business (and in life) than having any kind of advanced degree.

What she believes to be the qualities in folks who are true masters of mastery are:


Neutral self-awareness.

Endless Curiosity.

Willingness to be not-good.

What do you think?


For more, http://www.forbes.com/sites/erikaandersen/2013/07/27/why-spending-150k-on-an-mba-is-probably-a-dumb-idea/






2 thoughts on “Why Spending $150K On An MBA Is Probably A Dumb Idea

  1. Sounds like the author doesn’t have an MBA degree. MBA professionals I’ve met are aspirational, somewhat neutrally self aware, etc.. If there ever was a place that made me feel “not good” in the sense that I really didn’t have a clue about regressions/optimization, game theory, SM marketing and so on, it’s here at Rady. That’s why I’m subjecting myself to the rigor – to learn something and gain insight! Paying $150K is a valid point, but there are many other, quality schools that don’t charge near that amount – plus there are ways to get scholarships/fellowships if you’re motivated enough to master mastery.

    • eodman. I’ve not had my MBA yet. Abstract values and virtues are hard to resist such as 4 qualities of true masters of mastery. The question is with MBA or Without MBA. The stuff you mentioned may be used in real business or be helpful skills in general. But would you say that those with our MBA do not have such skills?

      I don’t know how and how much readiness is important for being a manager, but those with 4 qualities spend a lot of time in learning those skills even from their underlings.

      I am sure that you would’ve made huge efforts to learn such skills even if you didn’t come to RADY, wouldn’t you? I guess this is her point as well as mine.

      Either with or without MBA, you are you, and you need the qualities to become successful.

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