That dress!

Buzzfeed had crazy amounts of traffic this last week due to a simple picture of a dress, not to mention all the other sites that received traffic talking about that picture. What is it about this particular post that made it go so very viral?


3 thoughts on “That dress!

  1. Did Taylor Swift’s post go viral? If so, seemed like she was just piggy backing off a current social media “debate”.
    If you are asking how this dress pic went viral, clearly then I don’t understand the internet. Maybe it is because people like telling other people they are wrong anonymously? No, you’re wrong its blue. No, you’re wrong its gold. Or they just like arguing?

  2. I’d say it went viral because that’s what social media (with photos) is designed for, namely allowing users to relate both with strangers and with friends. You can show the photo to anyone to see what colors they see and create a conversation. It is a debate that can’t be solved (and isn’t polarizing to the extent politics or religion might be). I posted to Facebook/Twitter a Vine which explained the phenomenon (sort of) through a demonstration, which is less cool but those science-nerdy things interest me more.

  3. Anything Taylor does is viral. She verbalized how I felt, “confused and scared.” Was I color blind? Was my husband color blind because we saw the opposite colors? Overall when you saw the post that showed the three images, with the real one in the middle it made sense, but if Taylor’s scared, I’m scared.

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