Twitter Surveys

Here is a link to an article about Twitter Surveys, from 2012 when they first rolled out, along with a screen shot of one recently presented to me on my Twitter account (@rpvogt). Note that advertisers can use surveys to compare opinions of those receiving Promoted Tweets versus those that don’t. With Twitter being a great platform for users to share “concise” opinions, end users may welcome the opportunity to take a survey. (End users are not told the subject of the survey in the invitation tweet.) Then again, it’s unclear if the pool of active Twitter users would fit your desired demographic.  Apparently, tweeters are great at discussing Madonna’s tumble (#capegate, #capefear) and dresses made of mesmerizing fabrics (#thedress).


UPDATE:  Here is an example of a Promoted Tweet. I like the way the tweet was written using some of the parameters we’ve learned in this course.



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