Information is information

Here’s an interesting study to keep in mind when we talk about social media, privacy, and ethics in a few weeks. It turns out that sharing anything at all on social media might almost be the same as sharing everything. What does that mean for marketers? What does that mean for their customers?

Linking Instagrams to Credit Card Purchases


2 thoughts on “Information is information

  1. But isn’t this just another form of analytics, except we have more awareness (shock, in the case of those unaware of how they are being tracked with every loyalty card program they’ve signed up for) of what data is available to the analysts?

  2. I guess I am strangely unconcerned with my data privacy. If they are able to better link purchases to my identify, may I get even better targeted advertising! I think it is only natural to pursue connecting spend to social media presence, it is one step closer to ROI on social media advertising.

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