Effective or Ineffective Social Media “Marketing”?

This post is inspired by the  effective vs. ineffective social media marketing example that we discussed in class last Saturday (Whopper).  John Boehner recently posted his position and concerns about Obama’s new idea to provide 2 years of free community college education through Taylor Swift Gifs.  Politics aside, I think this post is an interesting observation on how older generations managing campaigns/marketing strategies are trying to figure out how to effectively market/communicate to millennials.

The Newsweek article (here) explains that this is the “GOP’s latest bid to connect with Web-savvy millennials by dipping into the viral morass.”   Indeed the post has gone viral, but probably not for the reasons that Boehner intended..or was it?  Was the main intention of this article to go viral or to really communicate and attract millennial interest?

Boehner’s post is available here.


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