Facebook Pages

Over the past year or so, I was running a Facebook “Page” to promote my personal blog, just as an experiment and hobby. At first, I was putting up links to my blog posts (that can be rather long and involved), and getting almost no responses from anybody. I realized people on Facebook simply do not want to read large amounts of text, and changed my strategy. I would post a short but meaningful quote and then a cute or eye-catching photo of an animal (since the theme of my Page is around tigers, I often posted pictures of cats or tigers). This turned out to be much more engaging to users! I soon found this to be an “algorithm” that works well for my page: short but meaningful quote + cute/interesting photo of an animal or scenic view. On Facebook at least, it’s helpful to keep things simple and aim for impact (think from the users’ perspective – out of ALL the things on their news feed, why should they bother to stop and look at your post?). My # of “likes” on this Facebook Page has now grown to be about ~5,600. Though this is not necessarily a lot in the realm of social media, I’m still pretty amazed that when I post something nowadays, it can reach thousands of people online, immediately. There have been occasions where people have shared the posts with others, reaching more than 10,000 people. The Page even has a few loyal followers that “like” almost every single post and sometimes even post a comment or two. This taught me that social media can be a tool to creatively reach others for meaningful purposes. (a link to my Page: https://www.facebook.com/tigerdaughter)


One thought on “Facebook Pages

  1. Wow, that’s really great! It turns out that people are really drawn to images and love to skim over text, as you have figured out–it’s awesome to have your example here as evidence. I’m excited to hear more about your experience in class!

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