Welcome to Social Media Marketing for Winter 2015

This is the official blog for MGT 489: Topics in Marketing: Social Media Marketing for Winter Quarter 2015. This blog is designed for us to share content we think is relevant to the class: we can talk more in depth about topics we find especially interesting or we don’t discuss much in class, we can post outside articles and other things we think shed light on class material, and we can comment on the material shared by others in and outside of class. Plus, it’s good social media practice!

Treat this blog like a learning experience. Feel free to post any links, videos, songs, ads, etc., and any comments, thoughts, reactions, etc., that you think will be helpful to the others in class. This will also be the place to go to get easy links to readings, assignment instructions, and lecture slides. The material you share will count toward your final grade, so be sure to be active here over the next few weeks!

Above all, remember the class motto: quality over quantity. And have fun!

I’m really looking forward to working with you all this quarter!

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