MySMN Internship: Blogging

Things that I personally love doing, is just reading and learning about random things. Blogs will generally capture my attention because of how easily information can be found through a simple article. Companies blog to keep people like me interested; to keep their audience aware of their business and services through relevant information. Search Engine Optimization is often utilized by companies through their blogs, as many blog sites allow for SEO functions (like WordPress). Writing about relevant issues and common inquiries allow for these blog posts to appear in searches, which will also promote the company itself.

The Internet generation has made users focus on quick and to-the-point answers for whatever they may be looking for. I have learned through creating blog topics, writing blogs, and creating SEO for blogs that businesses must stay relevant and current. Blogs are effective and that’s exactly why companies use them. I have found out that there is a perfect formula to creating an effective blog, which is organization+short&sweet+target audience.

To keep organized in your blog writing, focus on the simple writing styles you learned in elementary school. You want to start and end with an introduction and conclusion that will explain your post and and summarize the details. In between the intro and conclusion will be the descriptive nucleus of your blog that really delves in deeper with details of what you’re writing about. Keeping a well sculpted structure throughout your blog will keep your audience attentive. Next, make sure what you’re writing about can be read quickly and comprehended easily. Having a short and sweet blog will make it easier for you to get the most important ideas across but also will keep your audience from just clicking to another page. Lastly, everything ends with your audience. Remember who you’re trying to target and make your posts obviously catered toward them.

Blogging can be your best friend, but it can also be your worst enemy. Utilizing blogs will help your company a lot, so be sure to use it well and efficiently. Otherwise, blogging could just be another task that gets thrown into someone else’s busy work and doesn’t actually attract customers.


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