Introduction to MySMN Internship: SEO

MySMN: My Social Marketing Network is a start-up marketing firm that focuses on helping their clients boost their social media marketing tactics. They do this through several different avenues, such as the conventional social media outlets: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, email marketing, etc, but also SEO advancement tactics. This is search engine optimization, which allows for your company to be more popular on search engines. A simple triangle scheme shown here can be used to simply describe what three things SEO encompasses to optimize companies’ popularity on the web. SEOThe most important aspect of SEO to worry about is the right hand, lower corner: mention in an outside source’s website. If a company were to be mentioned in a newspaper or tabloid article, their popularity on search engines would be much higher than a company who only has their personal website umbrella-ing any other personal sites associated with their company.

Working on SEO, many companies will keep a blog that posts frequently on things relating to their company, not things directly about their company. Blogs are helpful for SEO because they use focus keywords that search engines look for and if popular enough, will appear first on search results. For example, MySMN has a client, MD Home Health, that keeps a blog to target their audience. Their company is in-home medical and non-medical home care and their target audience are the elderly who may require these types of services. Their blogs don’t focus on what their services are, but more so what you can do to live a healthy life. This will allow a variety of focus keywords and search results can more often land on their blog and website.

There are several more services MySMN offers and SEO is just one of them. Not only do they have to market for their clients, but they also must keep in mind their own company to market. A lot of the services they offer are also being put into play with their own company. The company has a great work environment allowing them to all really focus and appreciate their clients.






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