The Week in Social Media News

These are not the only notable events and news in social media this week, but they are certainly interesting:

It turns out that companies are starting to use social media participation as a way to make their legal obligations easier to handle, in kind of an evil way. A number of notable brands use their consumers’ social media participation as a legal agreement, meaning that people who opt in to following or liking the brand may be agreeing to solve any legal issues with the company through arbitration, a less-consumer friendly approach. Read about this trend in the New York Times.

Skywriting had been going out of favor in recent years, but is making a comeback, in part due to social media. Instagram may have saved this retro practice. Read about it in the Atlantic.

Finally, I can’t really say much in this family friendly blog about the major social media marketing event (i.e., snafu) of the week, but Mashable had some great reactions to it. The photographic reenactment is my favorite. Check it out here.


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