Thinking Big Picture

Now that we’ve thought about a social media campaign from start to finish, we can think about polishing that process. Here are a few articles with some good advice for how to make the most of your social media efforts.

Suppose you were to hire a consultant to help with your social media. Here are 7 Things Your Social Media Consultant Should Tell You

Suppose you really care about creating a specific brand image on social media. Here’s How Products Participate In Social Media

Suppose you’re interested in learning more about how this test/retest thing works, and want to know about some prominent examples. Here’s How Facebook Gets You to Test New Stuff in Its Mobile App

Suppose you’re more a glass half empty kind of person, and you think more of the mistakes you can make rather than the successes you strive for. Here’s How CMOs Can Avoid The Common Social Media Mistakes

Suppose you just really care what Velveeta is doing with social media. You’re in luck: here’s Velveeta’s Online Presences, In Order

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