Content is still king

We’ve talked before about how content marketing is the new goal in social media. Here’s a post with a bunch of nice examples of good content marketing. And it’s on Medium, a new blogging channel which we’ve also talked about!

Hello Stories, Goodbye Ads


One thought on “Content is still king

  1. These are brilliant examples of content marketing. One sort of spoiler to this whole approach is the resistance that one receives from journalists in many instances. Journalists can sometimes take a quasi-religious point of view when it comes to content marketing. Many times they feel like it is a trap set for an unassuming and naive reader who, upon falling into the “content marketing” trap and realizing they are covered in tar as opposed to true journalistic prowess, will forever be angry with the publication for engaging in such trickery.

    I’m on the fence. If you look at this empirically, Karl Rove continues to write for the WSJ as an “opinion” writer, and people continue to subscribe (yes, I’m tempted to renew too) when they should be running for the doors in the obvious “content marketing” play for the Republican Party (I claim no affiliation with the RP or the DP – they are both whole hearted disasters) because it is obvious that the WSJ is going to slant their reporting at every opportunity. However, it continues to be one of the most respected (by liberals and conservatives alike) financial reporting outlets in the world.

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