More apps on my phone… Tonight’s class was awesome.

Despite the long winded interjections by our colleague and cohort/auditor (you all know who I’m talking about), tonight’s class was outstanding. I downloaded three apps to check them out – Paper by Facebook, Vine by the Twitter team, and Snapchat to see how they worked. Snapchat is the most troublesome as I don’t really “get” how to establish a network. Can we all try to snapchat as a class to understand if it means anything at all?

Anyway, I was actually driven to try new things. And, at this stage in my online life, that’s a hard sell b/c I’m basically overwhelmed with what I already have to manage.

P.S. Paper might be worth it. I still have a love affair with Flipboard, but it might be my new favorite thing.

…posted from my mobile – I am not responsible for bad grammar, typos or anything else unless you opt in.


One thought on “More apps on my phone… Tonight’s class was awesome.

  1. Glad you got something useful out of it! That’s the good and bad thing about Snapchat–you definitely know everyone you connect with, because you can’t dig up random people, but it’s definitely a barrier to new users, especially us more mature folks. 😉 I’d be happy to try to facilitate a MGT489 Snapchat test run if people are willing to participate…

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