Super Bowl Social Media Moments

I just wanted to reserve this space so we can talk about any notable Super Bowl-related social media events. We’ve already seen some commercials released ahead of time on line to build buzz, and some “behind the scenes” video, and there’s like plenty more where that came from. Come back here to post your favorites and try to divine what worked and what didn’t and why!

6 thoughts on “Super Bowl Social Media Moments

  1. High Hopes for Intuit’s Super Bowl Ad Giveaway

    After purchasing an ad slot in this year’s Super Bowl, Intuit decided to hold an online video contest to giveaway the ad slot to one lucky small business owner.

    And…here is the winner:

    I believe this is a win win situation – the winner gets to showcase their business on Super Bowl – for free, while Intuit are able to reinforce their image of being committed to help small businesses grow.

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